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Email Search

Email Search Results  Scheduled Email Searches are run automatically and send you an email listing all new businesses meeting your criteria. The list is identical to the normal on-line search results, but without the side-links. Simply click on the title or the view business and contact details links for full details of businesses. Alternatively click the run this search online link to list the results with a normal paged and side-linked results list; you will be required to login to ensure only you can run your search.

Schedule  Daily searches are run every Monday to Friday; Weekly searches are run every Monday; Monthly searches are run on the first day of each month; all subject to UK weekends and public holidays. Scheduled searches may also be run manually at any time from your My Searches page or the run this search online link in the email.

Search Subscription  You may store as many manual and scheduled searches as you like for free and the scheduled email searches will be run automatically while your Search Subscription is valid. Subscriptions cost from 10 + VAT following a free month's trial and cover all your email searches. Your My Searches page will show a payment button when payment is needed.

Dates And List Order  The search fields Dates Added, Added Since and List Order on the Advanced Search form are only used when a search is run manually. When a search is run automatically or rerun online with its scheduled dates businesses are listed in the order they were added starting on the day of the previous search and ending on the day before the search is run. New searches start on the day the search was saved.

Limited Email Listing  The email listing may be limited in size following large updates to our database to prevent overwhelming your inbox, our servers or your ability to peruse extensive results in a simple email. The email will clearly advise you when the limit is applied and provide a run this search online link for more convenient perusal with the usual paged and side-linked results list.

Run this Search Online  The run this search online link in the emails runs the search with same dates as the original. The results may be different if the search has been edited or businesses have been removed from the database since the original run. The rerun is not possible if the search has been deleted from your My Searches table.